Father Midnight is a three piece from Berlin and have opened for bands like The Murlocs and Balagan.


But who is Father Midnight? 


They are A semi-domesticated woodwose, stumbling towards the next Späti. Longhaired, bearded and barefooted. Hardly covered with some pretty moss. Bending two linden trees while letting himself drop between plastic bagged dog shit and broken glass. Ready to watch the archaic spectacle take place. In a Dionysian ritual an urban nature spirit is called. Its midnightly birth is illuminated by flickering neon lights - and where else is so called nature brought to existence, if not in the middle of the night?


After having self-released "lost his shit" in 2018, the band teamed up with ROOD WOOF Records and RYL to release a split EP for the label entitled "Cape Carnage" due to release in July 2018. Having gone through a line up change and a new drummer, Father Midnight will open for Paint Fumes in May, debuting a heavier sound.